JACE Summer Tips–CLIP IT

Spring is now in our rear view mirrors. Gone are the April showers, and the May flowers are producing enough pollen to make even the most stoic allergy sufferer wonder if the next sneeze will be the one to push them over the edge.


The mild temperatures are giving way to scorching heat, and for those of us in the south, the dreaded humidity. Yes my friends, Summer is, once again, upon us.

But hey, it’s not all bad news. Summer brings graduations, vacations, beach days, and those BOMB, backyard BBQ family gatherings.

The team at JACE would like to officially welcome Summer, and in the process offer our JACE family a quick tip. Now, we can’t tell you how to keep the kids from eating every drop of food in the house while on Summer break, nor can we figure out why there never seems to be any gas in the car after you let your teenager hold it “real quick” LOL. But we can offer the following quick tip…CLIP IT!

“Clip what?” you may be wondering. Well, we are glad you asked! LOL


  1. Coupons–In line with the above statement about the kiddies being out of school, a great Summer tip to offset the rising cost of food would be to CLIP coupons whenever possible. Now, we are not suggesting becoming an extreme couponer (though, if you have this skill, please leave some tips below LOL). But many places offer great deals on cereal, milk, bread, and other “Summer staples”. Also, there are several apps now that allow you to compare deals before you even leave your house. No more burning gas going from store to store looking for the best price on eggs. Remember, every little bit helps! A penny saved, is a penny closer to a treat for yourself. 🙂
  2. Dead/Split Ends–We all love to slay with our hair styles. And though we are always here for a good slay, the health of the hair matters as well. Most ladies do all they can to retain as much length as possible, but holding on to weak, thin ends, can do more harm than good to the overall health of your hair. If you are able to see straight through the ends of your hair, or they are split/damaged/brittle, you may want to consider a CLIP. (Please seek the advice of a licensed stylist for best results.)
  3. Your Summer Hair Style–Our last tip is for your Summer look. If you find that the area you live in won’t allow you to be great when styling your hair. Or you want a low maintenance option, while leaving some of your hair out to breathe a little; maybe you want to add a bit more fullness, or perhaps you want to add a little of the length back that you clipped off in tip #2 LOL, JACE Clip Ins are a perfect solution. Clip ins allow for styling versatility, natural blending, and the ability to quickly change up your day to day look.

We always want to be sure to offer the best to our customers. From our products, to sharing helpful tips…We are here for you!!! The JACE blog officially welcomes this Summer season, and further, we welcome you to visit our site, Jacebeauty.com, for all your extension needs. 🙂





Fede Release-With a BONUS!!!

Hey Jace Ladies!


Our next Fede release is scheduled for Sunday, March 26, 2017.
Every Fede release is an exciting time at Jace. Preparing our finely crafted, raw bundles always brings a level of anticipation for our staff, that rivals that of our customers.


From the rare showcase items, to the equally beautiful Classic, there is something about our monthly Fede offerings that brings out the “kid at Christmas” vibe.


As if that isn’t enough, this release will bring with it a HUGE surprise, and though we can’t say much, just know YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!


Head over to JaceRussianFede.com, and be sure that you are signed up for the email list.


***Remember this email list is separate from our Jacebeauty.com email list.***


You won’t regret it. 😉


A few months ago, we introduced Jace Team Chat into our blogging space. We wanted to provide our employees with a platform to bring their personal Jace experiences (and even some non-Jace related experiences) to our blog readers.

Our first submission comes from our very own Customer Care manager, Patrice. Many of you ladies have worked with her, or had the opportunity to chat with her during our Live events. Now you get to hear from her, directly, about the newest addition to our product line…Extended Closures!!!


“Heeeeeeey my fellow Jace ladies!!! (Can you tell how excited I am already? LOL)


It is my absolute pleasure to pen this “letter” to you all. If you have been around for awhile, you may remember that I started out as a Jace customer, just like many of you reading this.

I won’t bore you with the details, but after being a loyal customer for some time, God opened the door for me to become a part of the Jace team, and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Not only do I get to help you lovely ladies daily, but I also work with some AWESOME people, doing what I love…any and everything hair related!!! 🙂

As much as I love being a part of this fabulous company, I am still very much a “customer” at heart. I get just as excited as you ladies when I see orders going out, tracking numbers becoming active, and ladies getting their Jace tresses in hands. I still love running my fingers through the buttery soft textures, and imagining what looks I would love to try next. (This is probably why I have to force myself to stay out of the production staff’s way. LOL)

However, that does lead me to the purpose of this note. Have you all seen our new EXTENDED CLOSURES?!?! OMG!!! (I am going to do my best to not ramble like the hair junkie I am. LOL) extended-closures-alone

I often joke about how hard it is to stay out of the production area. As you can imagine, seeing all of the beautiful bundles that we ship out to you ladies can be quite distracting to say the least. But I somehow manage to stay on task, day in and day out.

That was until these Extended Closures came along!!! Baybee!!! I have been finding as many excuses as possible to look away from my emails, to stare at production photos of completed Extended Closures!!! (Don’t judge me LOL)

When we first had the meeting discussing offering an option for ladies who like the frontal look, but aren’t quite comfortable with the installation process, or who are just unsure if they are ready to jump straight from closures to frontals, I was beyond interested. Because simply put, I AM THAT GIRL!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love our frontals, but I’m one of the girls Nicole talks about in the “Can I Wear A Frontal?” video we shot. My natural hair line is very thick, and my baby hair area is so close to my eyebrows, placing a frontal for me takes a steady hand, and quite a bit of patience. (The arrows show my natural hair line/edges. As you can see, my hair line comes out rather far, so I have to blend the frontal baby hairs into my own. This is fine, but can be tricky if the textures do not match properly, or if you don’t like to use heavy gels. It’s important to note that I am natural, and a very true 4c texture.)


And though I was able to make it work, I am still a closure girl at heart. I love the look the frontal provides, but miss the ease that the installation of a closure allows. That is why the Extended Closures are, in my humble opinion, the best thing since sliced bread!!! (A phrase my grandmother used to use LOL).


The Extended Closures will allow me to cover the front/forehead area, without having to overly work with the side/edge area. Since I mainly use my frontal to give the no part/flip over look, my sides are usually covered by my bundles anyway. So, I don’t always have a need for the full perimeter coverage that a frontal offers.


I absolutely cannot wait until my Wild Child Mild Extended Closure completes. (Yes, we have to wait just like you ladies. No cutting in line allowed, even for employees. LOL)

The Wild Child Mild is one of my favorite textures, and is, in fact, the only texture I use with my Fede bundles. (I won’t get into that, as it is an entirely different subject that I could go on, and on about.)


If you haven’t already, I say run, don’t walk, over to our YouTube or Instagram pages to get a closer look at this beautiful blending of a frontal and closure. If you want a little more than a closure, but aren’t quite ready to commit to a frontal, the answer is here…and that answer is an EXTENDED CLOSURE!!!

Thank you for allowing me to gush over my new hair crush item (lol), and I look forward to chatting with you ladies again soon.



Customer Care Manager”

natural-extended bottom-curly-extended bottom-extended

bottom-wavy-extended-copy wavy-extended-closure extended-closures-alone

Jace: Have You Heard?!?



First, we would like to say “Thank you!” to all of you ladies who joined us on our last JaceLive Event. It was a huge success, and we had a ball, as we always do, with you all!!!


The event was all about our JaceWigs line; showcasing different styles, and answering your questions first hand.


We are so excited to have our JaceWigs line up and running. And the response from our customers…WOW!!!


In keeping with providing as much information as possible regarding our wig line, we now have a Instagram page JUST FOR OUR WIGS!!! That’s right!! You can find all styles, specs, and pictures in one convenient place.


We would like to invite you to head over to JaceWigs on Instagram, and click the FOLLOW button to be kept in the know about all upcoming new wig styles, promotions, and wig information in general.



Jace: Count Down to the Next LIVE Event

Set your alarms!

Pop some popcorn!

Find a comfy place on the couch!

And get your questions ready!


The next Jace Live Event is scheduled for this Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 4pm.

Our company founder, Nicole, will be streaming live on not one, not two, but THREE different medias…AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Be sure to tune in to see more of our new beautiful wig line, ask questions, and who knows what other surprises are in store. 😉


We can’t wait to “see” you all there!!!