Jace: Team Chat

If you have followed us over the last few years, then you are very familiar with the “family” aspect that comes with being a part of the Jace team.

The company founder, Nicole, has always fostered a work environment based on team work, oneness, and quality. And at the center of it all, a strong faith, that we boldly proclaim. Without Him, there would be no “us”.

We have some of THE MOST awesome staff members, with many talents and strengths.

The stories that we share while sorting hair, crafting beautiful bundles, having meetings, and even answering emails, range from the down right comical, to beyond informative.

Each member, from production to packaging, comes from various backgrounds, and have a wealth of knowledge in not only all things hair, but various points of life.

At Jace, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the absolute best quality product and service, and now we would like to share our quality staff with you in a new way.

Though our blog staff does a stellar job, we will be opening this forum to some of our employees.

They will share their own spin on their experiences behind the walls of Jace, and bits and pieces of the lives they walk in, most while rocking the very bundles we are known for.🙂

So when you see a post with the “Team Chat” attached, be ready to get to know your Jace family just a little better.

Team Quality; Team Love; Team Jace!!!


Jace Perfect Fit Frontals: Texture Matching and Bundle Quantity

Since the release of our “Perfect Fit Frontals”, we have received many questions from customers that may not be terribly familiar with wearing frontals.

The two questions we receive the most are;

(1) “What frontal will best match my Fede bundles?”


(2) “How many bundles will I need to go with my frontal?’


Our founder, Nicole, has made it her goal to provide as much information about proper frontal use, fitting, and everything in between.

And to that end, we decided to take it a step further for you ladies.

Not only can this useful information be found on our YouTube page, and our social media sites, we have now created a special website to answer all commonly asked questions.

JacePerfectFitFrontals.com is your home for all things FRONTAL!!!

Videos, tips, texture charts…the WORKS!!!

Visit the site to answer any questions you may have, and as always, our Customer Care Department is always available by sending an email to sales@jacebeauty.com.

Here is a snippet of what you can expect to find on the JacePerfectFitFrontals.com site.🙂


Jace Frontals: The Break Down of Bleaching

If you have ever worn a lace closure, or lace front wig, you have probably heard about bleaching the knots for a more natural look.

For those who were never comfortable trying this process on their own, there were a few options that would allow them to avoid having to use a method they were not fully comfortable with or knowledgeable of.


Some ladies opted for silk based closures, avoiding knots altogether, and others would use a little powder (make up) the same shade as their scalp to conceal the knots.


However, with a frontal, even one with a silk paneling, there are going to be knots near the hair line that must be addressed if a seamless install is to be achieved.

This is why we made it our mission to lightly bleach the front area of our Perfect Fit Frontals to remove the need for any unnecessary, extra steps.

In the video below, you will see detailed information on just what bleaching is, and what it does. The do’s. The don’t’s. And everything in between.

Learn how to get the most out of your investment in part 2 in our Perfect Fit Frontals’ series!!!




Jace: Frontals 101 Head Mapping

We’ve heard about them.

We’ve seen them.

We’ve even strongly considered buying one…but there are still so many unanswered questions!!!


What in the world is a frontal? Is it just a big closure? Is it hard to install? What size do I need? Will I be able to sew it down? Or will I need glue? Ugh!!!!


Personally, I’ve seen frontals look both AMAZING, and downright AWFUL! Yes, I said it…AWFUL!!!

At first, I couldn’t quite tell what separated one install from another. Was it something the stylist did, or didn’t do? Was the client’s head not shaped well for a frontal? Was it because it was glued, instead of sewn?

What was it that made the difference between a beautiful frontal install, and a nightmare that screams “I’m FAKE!!!” from a mile a way? lol


The answer…SIZING!!!



Most ladies buy what’s offered, assuming one size fits all. However, this is a huge mistake.



Industry standards have set 13 as the go to ear to ear measurement, leaving many ladies with an unrealistic install, with extra heavy, Elvis-like side burns. (I’m a stickler for natural installs lol).


As we, as a company, decided to offer frontals on our website, instead of just as custom items for select clientele (we have offered them for some while now), we wanted to be sure to offer education along with our frontals.

Over the next few weeks, we will be offering video tutorials, and other tools of knowledge for ladies to be sure that they make informed selections when entering the world of frontals.

Check out our video on head mapping, where our founder discusses in detail the importance of head mapping.








Jace: Kinky/Tight Curl Pattern Maintenance


“We are here for our customers, before, during, and after their purchase.”

This is a common theme in our company. In fact, it’s almost our credo.

At Jace, it’s not our goal to “just” sell hair. We ensure our customers have the information, support, and maintenance advice that goes along with your investment into our product.

We have a wealth of information in the form of video (YouTube), pictures (Instagram/Facebook), and our customer care team is always on standby to answer any questions you may have.


We are super excited about our latest video release. We’ve spoken about deep wavy, and curly pieces, but what about those kinky/super tight patterns?


Have no fear, the answer is here.🙂


Check out our latest video on refreshing and maintaining Kinky Curly Hair.

Be sure to also visit our mini site, JaceJustWater.com, for helpful videos and tips on wavy and curly hair maintenance.

Jace: Designed by Nature, Maintained by Nature

It’s hard to believe that Summer is nearing its end.

The kids are getting ready to head back to school, Fall is on the horizon, but somehow, the sun didn’t get the memo. LOL


The heat is still very real, and that means that your curly and wavy locs will still need appropriate moisture.


Remember the moisture advice from a few posts ago? No? Have no fear; I’ve placed a snippet below for you.🙂

“When spending extended time in the sun, be sure to stay hydrated. Water is the best form of hydration. Sodas, and juices may be yummy, but the extra sugar and calories can do more harm than good.

The same is true for your tresses. Moisture is key, especially with wavier and curlier pieces. A little water goes a long way. Many ladies like to add leave in conditioner, but just like those sodas and juices, leave in can do more harm than good.

Curly and wavy pieces like to be clean, well conditioned, rinsed, and left to breathe. If you prefer a more defined look, a little (dime sized amount) of Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls can be used.”


This information is still very important, and in fact, we wanted to take it a step further for you.


Introducing JaceJustWater.com!!!


We have designed a special site that offers tips, visuals, and loads of other goodies to help you properly maintain your DBN waves and curls.


Visit JaceJustWater.com, and learn how to make your curls pop, and your waves flow.


Get the most out of the last few weeks of Summer, and welcome Fall in a FIERCE way!!!