Thrown in the bag? Huh???

You open up your package and the precious cargo inside looks disheveled. “How could they have packed my hair like this after weeks of waiting and the money I spent?”

From time to time we may hear a customer say this to us. Allow us to assure you of a few things:

#1: We do not throw any product in our packaging. No matter how fast our great employees are moving to complete orders, we make it our top priority to treat each bundle with great care. We say all the time to ourselves “Treat each bundle the way you would want someone to treat your order.” Secondly, we realize that this is an investment. We can’t tell you the amount of emails we get from customers who tell us that they have been saving for months to make their purchase from our company. We keep that in mind with each package we assemble during production. For what our customers are paying, it is worth the extra time to assemble each package with great care.

#2: Once we hand our packages to the postal courier, we have no control over how each package is handled. Packages are tossed into bins, packed tightly or loosely into shipping bins (if you are an international customer, some packages are opened for inspection), exposed to various elements and more. All of these things will have an effect on the initial look of your bundles once they arrive at your front door.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to pack our bundles that do not raise costs to our customers. Until then, please keep these two points in mind.


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