Hello. Is Anybody There?

From time to time we hear from customers who are unable to reach a live person on our toll free number (855-233-JACE). Even after they have left a message, sometimes they do not hear back from us immediately. 

Please rest assured that if you have left a message, we will call you back . There are times where our phone lines get completely slammed making it more of a challenge to get through each call as quickly as we would like to . In the meantime, emailing us with your questions at SalesATJaceBeautyDOTcom is another alternative to get answers in a timely matter.

Remember, we are a growing company and this is just one of the growth pains we have to go through. In the meantime we are looking to expand our support team while at the same time looking for larger call center space.

Thanks to all of our dear customers who have been so patient with us during this growth spurt. The huge amount of repeat customers we saw during our recent sale let us know that we are on the right track.


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