Why Weave Crime Doesn’t Pay In The Long Run

Two young thieves walked into John’s Beauty Supply store in Chicago on Monday morning, pulled out a bottle of pepper spray and a gun, and went straight for the good stuff: remy human hair extensions.

A female burglar pepper-sprayed a worker behind the counter before grabbing about 10 packs of remy hair, which sell for $100 each. A male thief held a gun to another employee and had her take $1,000 from the register and shove more extensions into a garbage bag.

This incident is just the latest in a spate of hair extension heists that have been sweeping Chicago and cities such as Philadelphia and Houston. Remy hair extensions, which cost anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars per pack, have become highly sought after, and an underground market for the goods has popped up in response. (source)

Buying hair from “bruh-man” off of the street may seem like economical way to get the hair you want. But more often than not, these weave thieves (hey, that rhymes) are stealing hair that isn’t truly virgin hair. And in a month or so, guess what? You’ll be looking for bruh-man again for another hook up.

Whenever I am on the phone, I enjoy telling customers that we are with them before, during and after the sale. I usually follow that up with an example or two when I felt short changed after making a purchase from a retail store. When the item(s) I purchased stopped working, like anywhere else I went right back to ask either for an exchange or my money back. While most of my experiences have been pretty good, there were a few times where I had to put on my boxing gloves just to speak to someone who was willing to work with me. I remember those time and I remember how disappointed I felt afterwards. Here at Jace Beauty, we want to make sure we stay committed to our customers even after they have received their hair. Will we ever be able to beat bruh-man’s prices? Probably not. But there is one thing we can he can never offer you: a genuine commitment to his customers.

Sterling 🙂


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