Taking selfies

We love it when our customers send us their selfies. But there are some pictures that we receive that we simply cannot use. Sometimes the picture is too dark, blurry, etc.

Check out the video below and we will add our two cents afterwards.

# Lighting – Bathroom light is good because generally it allow us to see your beautiful faces and the hair. If you are not able to go outside to do your selfie, go with this option. Just make sure you clear away any “extras” in the background that could be distracting to the viewer.
Outdoor lighting would be our first choice because there is no better light source than the sun. Facing the sun is the best position.
Another thing about lighting, your pictures will tend to blur or appear fuzzy if there is not enough light. Back to indoor lighting, try taking off the lamp shades for optimal lighting.

Other than that, just have fun and keep sharing!!!


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