Make Money Selling JACE To Your Friends

YOU’VE BEEN ASKING FOR IT FOR YEARS! A way that you can be rewarded for your referrals!


You always receive compliments on your JACE hair and ladies constantly ask you where you buy your extensions- now it’s time to convert those compliments into cash!


We have launched our JACE Beautiful Affiliate program; which offers a 10% cash back payout when someone purchases through your affiliate link!


Unlike the JacePro partnership program, you do NOT have to be a licensed hair stylist and there’s no need to purchase any inventory.

There is no selling involved! This program is supported through your referrals. So, whether you are a corporate professional, a student, a stylist, or a stay-at-home-mom; as long as you love hair and can refer a client- you can participate!


It’s simple!

  1. You register to become a JACE Beautiful Affiliate Member
  2. You receive a link that you can post:
    1. On your social media pages, and/or
    2. On your blog or website, and/or
    3. At the bottom of your emails & text messages
    4. On a business card (provided)
  3. A customer clicks on your link and purchases JACE hair.
  4. You get paid 10%!



Average cost of a JACE customer order is $500. (Very small order is about $275, Average full-head order $500, High-tier order $1000+)


If 3 people place a $500 order using your link in a week; you’ve just earned $150 in commission, for that week alone! (Valid only on non-cancelled orders). How much you earn depends on how many people purchase using your link! There are no limits or caps to the program. You earn payouts on as many sales that come through your link.



Your $49 JACE Beautiful Affiliate Membership covers the entire year including:

  1. Your own Jace Beautiful Affiliate Web Portal to track your sales and payouts.
  2. Special Deep Discounts for Affiliate Members Only (Not open to Public)
  3. Your personal affiliate link to post on your social media pages, in emails/texts to earn commissions
  4. JACE Beautiful Affiliate Business Cards


Please click the video for additional details:

To get started with your JACE Beautiful Affiliate Membership, click here:


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