JACE: Do blondes really have more fun?

FullSizeRender (3)

Okay Jace ladies, we need your help. 🙂

We have a running office debate at the moment; our founder, Nicole, recently took her Jace tresses BLONDE!!! ***If you haven’t had a chance to check out her new color, head on over to any of our social media pages for a closer look.***

The staff is IN LOVE with the new color, but it was a huge leap for Nicole. We have now banned her from going back to her comfort zone of natural browns, and darker shades. LOL

This is where your help comes in; we want you to flood our Instagram (Jacebeautylife), our Facebook page (Jacebeauty), and even this blog with how much you’re feeling the new color.

Sometimes, we need a little push to venture out of our “norm”. Perhaps you’ve been wearing your Fede Natural Straight for the past few years (I’m guilty of this myself LOL), and it may be time to try some curls or color for the Spring/Summer. We even got our customer care manager, Patrice, to try some Curl Baby recently (check it out on our Instagram page). She hadn’t worn curls in over ten years, and despite her hesitation, she LOVED it!

We love making you ladies look and feel beautiful with our quality extensions. Now we want you to dare to do something a little different. If you usually order wavy, try some curly. If straight is your “norm”, go with a deep wavy. That’s the beauty of great extensions, you can be a different “beauty” in no time flat.

Visit us at Jacebeauty.com, or JaceInColor.com, for your new Spring/Summer look. 🙂


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