Jace: Closure Maintenance

As Summer makes its way forward, bringing with it scorching temps, high humidity, and random storms, one thing becomes certain: leave outs everywhere are in danger of the dreaded REVERSION!!

There’s nothing like having beautiful bundles, paying to have them installed, looking amazing as you get out of the stylist’s chair, just to walk outside and have your leave out greeted with a full on attack.

For those of you who may not be familiar with closures, we have listed some care tips for you below. 🙂

*Closures are very delicate pieces. Longevity will depend heavily on how the piece is installed, handled, and manipulated.

*Dying/coloring/highlighting or otherwise chemically altering the closure can weaken the hair if not done professionally.

*Plucking, tweezing, or otherwise thinning the closure weakens the base, and can lead to excessive shedding.

*Installation of the closure is also very important. If pulled too taught, it can stretch or weaken the closure base.

*Excessive use of heat when styling can cause breakage of the hairs

*Styling tools are very important. Using the proper combs, and brushes also aid in the longevity of a closure piece.

*Scratching the closure area can rip the knotted hairs from the base.

* There are products on the market that can be used to seal the knots on a lace closure. (Silk closures do not have exposed knots, hence sealing is not possible). We, as a company, do not recommend any particular sealing products, as they are very heavy in chemicals, and can cause scalp irritation. However, many ladies use sealants without issue, and this can be a personal option if you so choose.

Customers who remain mindful that closures are delicate, and adopt a
healthy regiment for usage have great results.


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