Jace: Hello Summer!!!

Summer has officially arrived!!!

Barbeques, beaches, and beaming sun rays. Oh, who are we kidding??? It’s HOT!! lol

Though we all love Summer time fun, we must be sure to take the proper precautions.

When spending extended time in the sun, be sure to stay hydrated. Water is the best form of hydration. Sodas, and juices may be yummy, but the extra sugar and calories can do more harm than good.

The same is true for your tresses. Moisture is key, especially with wavier and curlier pieces. A little water goes a long way. Many ladies like to add leave in conditioner, but just like those sodas and juices, leave in can do more harm than good.

Curly and wavy pieces like to be clean, well conditioned, rinsed, and left to breathe. If you prefer a more defined look, a little (dime sized amount) of Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls can be used.

Summer is a time of fun and family. Be sure to enjoy both safely 🙂


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