Jace: Keeping Cool While Staying Cute

So you’ve made plans for the day. You’ve picked just the right outfit, beat your face to perfection, and are now deciding what you would like to do with your hair. Big barrel curls? Straight, and sleek? Wand curls?

Then you realize…it’s 100 degrees in the shade!!! Is it too hot to rock the bundles you love so much??? Absolutely NOT!!!

They are plenty of ways to wear your bundles that allow for style, and functionality in the unforgiving heat of Summer.

Here are just a few tips and tricks some of our staff members have found helpful when styling their hair during the hottest time of year.

*If your bundles are sewn onto a unit (wig cap), flip the wig inside out, exposing the under side of the unit. Take one track, and sew it around the perimeter of the wig. This will allow you to pull your unit up into a high pony, or bun. Removing the hair from your neck, keeping you cooler, and super cute. Messy buns are definitely a “go to” Summer style. This also helps when the wind blows; none of your “Under the cap” secrets are exposed. LOL (A head band can be used to hide any perimeter hair that you don’t want shown)
weave under wig cap








*Similar to the first tip, if you’re wearing a traditional sew in, consider leaving a small amount of your perimeter out to allow your hair to be pulled up. Hand tied wefts are great for this style. They allow you to leave the smallest amount of your hair out, and still cover the wefts, as they are super flat, and super thin.

*Try shorter lengths. A cute bob is never a bad choice. Its a functional, and fashionable option. Ten, twelve, and fourteen inch pieces allow for a natural layered effect. Some ladies go even shorter. Opting for eight, ten, and twelve inches.



*Braid it up! Yes, you can braid your bundles. I personally like to split my hair into two equal parts. I then pull all of the hair to the front, placing two equal amounts on either side of my face. I then braid both sides. Nothing fancy, just two simple braids (I call it my Pippi Longstocking look lol). Put a rubber band on the ends to hold the braids in place, and BOOM, an easy, cute, and cool style. ***Be sure that none of your tracks are showing in the back when you split the hair down the middle.***

two braids2


*Like the tip above, a side braid works nicely as well. Pull all of the hair over to a side ponytail, secure with a ponytail holder, braid down the length of the hair, and secure with a rubber band.

side braid


*Lastly, there’s the tried and true low ponytail. Simply pull your hair to the back, in a sleek, low ponytail. This works best on a nice, flat install. Be sure to groom any exposed hair (your edges, and nape area), and you are good to go.



We hope you find these tips helpful, and should you decide to try any of them, shoot us a picture. We love to see our Jace ladies rocking their tresses. Also, feel free to send your own styling tips for the Summer months. We’re all in this together. Lets not let the heat hinder our personal hotness. 😉


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