Jace: Frontals 101 Head Mapping

We’ve heard about them.

We’ve seen them.

We’ve even strongly considered buying one…but there are still so many unanswered questions!!!


What in the world is a frontal? Is it just a big closure? Is it hard to install? What size do I need? Will I be able to sew it down? Or will I need glue? Ugh!!!!


Personally, I’ve seen frontals look both AMAZING, and downright AWFUL! Yes, I said it…AWFUL!!!

At first, I couldn’t quite tell what separated one install from another. Was it something the stylist did, or didn’t do? Was the client’s head not shaped well for a frontal? Was it because it was glued, instead of sewn?

What was it that made the difference between a beautiful frontal install, and a nightmare that screams “I’m FAKE!!!” from a mile a way? lol


The answer…SIZING!!!



Most ladies buy what’s offered, assuming one size fits all. However, this is a huge mistake.



Industry standards have set 13 as the go to ear to ear measurement, leaving many ladies with an unrealistic install, with extra heavy, Elvis-like side burns. (I’m a stickler for natural installs lol).


As we, as a company, decided to offer frontals on our website, instead of just as custom items for select clientele (we have offered them for some while now), we wanted to be sure to offer education along with our frontals.

Over the next few weeks, we will be offering video tutorials, and other tools of knowledge for ladies to be sure that they make informed selections when entering the world of frontals.

Check out our video on head mapping, where our founder discusses in detail the importance of head mapping.









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