Jace Frontals: The Break Down of Bleaching

If you have ever worn a lace closure, or lace front wig, you have probably heard about bleaching the knots for a more natural look.

For those who were never comfortable trying this process on their own, there were a few options that would allow them to avoid having to use a method they were not fully comfortable with or knowledgeable of.


Some ladies opted for silk based closures, avoiding knots altogether, and others would use a little powder (make up) the same shade as their scalp to conceal the knots.


However, with a frontal, even one with a silk paneling, there are going to be knots near the hair line that must be addressed if a seamless install is to be achieved.

This is why we made it our mission to lightly bleach the front area of our Perfect Fit Frontals to remove the need for any unnecessary, extra steps.

In the video below, you will see detailed information on just what bleaching is, and what it does. The do’s. The don’t’s. And everything in between.

Learn how to get the most out of your investment in part 2 in our Perfect Fit Frontals’ series!!!





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