Jace Perfect Fit Frontals: Texture Matching and Bundle Quantity

Since the release of our “Perfect Fit Frontals”, we have received many questions from customers that may not be terribly familiar with wearing frontals.

The two questions we receive the most are;

(1) “What frontal will best match my Fede bundles?”


(2) “How many bundles will I need to go with my frontal?’


Our founder, Nicole, has made it her goal to provide as much information about proper frontal use, fitting, and everything in between.

And to that end, we decided to take it a step further for you ladies.

Not only can this useful information be found on our YouTube page, and our social media sites, we have now created a special website to answer all commonly asked questions.

JacePerfectFitFrontals.com is your home for all things FRONTAL!!!

Videos, tips, texture charts…the WORKS!!!

Visit the site to answer any questions you may have, and as always, our Customer Care Department is always available by sending an email to sales@jacebeauty.com.

Here is a snippet of what you can expect to find on the JacePerfectFitFrontals.com site. 🙂



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