Jace: Team Chat

If you have followed us over the last few years, then you are very familiar with the “family” aspect that comes with being a part of the Jace team.

The company founder, Nicole, has always fostered a work environment based on team work, oneness, and quality. And at the center of it all, a strong faith, that we boldly proclaim. Without Him, there would be no “us”.

We have some of THE MOST awesome staff members, with many talents and strengths.

The stories that we share while sorting hair, crafting beautiful bundles, having meetings, and even answering emails, range from the down right comical, to beyond informative.

Each member, from production to packaging, comes from various backgrounds, and have a wealth of knowledge in not only all things hair, but various points of life.

At Jace, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the absolute best quality product and service, and now we would like to share our quality staff with you in a new way.

Though our blog staff does a stellar job, we will be opening this forum to some of our employees.

They will share their own spin on their experiences behind the walls of Jace, and bits and pieces of the lives they walk in, most while rocking the very bundles we are known for. 🙂

So when you see a post with the “Team Chat” attached, be ready to get to know your Jace family just a little better.

Team Quality; Team Love; Team Jace!!!



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