Jace: Can I Wear A Frontal?

Since our public release of our Perfect Fit Frontals, we have received tons of questions, and have made a concerted effort to provide as much education on the subject as possible.

Videos, social media clips, blogs, and email after email. 🙂

We do this, not because it is required, but because it is necessary!!

Providing a stellar product without proper care/maintenance/and tips for the use of that product feels a bit incomplete to the Jace team.

Some may be surprised to know that we have told some ladies not to buy a frontal. Yes, you read correctly. We have strongly advised against it for some ladies.

Some businesses have only the bottom line in mind when selling items. Here at Jace, we find it equally important to inform our customers of all options, which builds trust, which leads to healthy, and long lasting customer/merchant relationships.

Whew! So many words, and I have yet to address the question at hand. LOL


Can you wear a frontal? Probably

Are frontals for everyone? No

How can I tell? Check out the video below 😉






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