JACE Summer Tips–CLIP IT

Spring is now in our rear view mirrors. Gone are the April showers, and the May flowers are producing enough pollen to make even the most stoic allergy sufferer wonder if the next sneeze will be the one to push them over the edge.


The mild temperatures are giving way to scorching heat, and for those of us in the south, the dreaded humidity. Yes my friends, Summer is, once again, upon us.

But hey, it’s not all bad news. Summer brings graduations, vacations, beach days, and those BOMB, backyard BBQ family gatherings.

The team at JACE would like to officially welcome Summer, and in the process offer our JACE family a quick tip. Now, we can’t tell you how to keep the kids from eating every drop of food in the house while on Summer break, nor can we figure out why there never seems to be any gas in the car after you let your teenager hold it “real quick” LOL. But we can offer the following quick tip…CLIP IT!

“Clip what?” you may be wondering. Well, we are glad you asked! LOL


  1. Coupons–In line with the above statement about the kiddies being out of school, a great Summer tip to offset the rising cost of food would be to CLIP coupons whenever possible. Now, we are not suggesting becoming an extreme couponer (though, if you have this skill, please leave some tips below LOL). But many places offer great deals on cereal, milk, bread, and other “Summer staples”. Also, there are several apps now that allow you to compare deals before you even leave your house. No more burning gas going from store to store looking for the best price on eggs. Remember, every little bit helps! A penny saved, is a penny closer to a treat for yourself. 🙂
  2. Dead/Split Ends–We all love to slay with our hair styles. And though we are always here for a good slay, the health of the hair matters as well. Most ladies do all they can to retain as much length as possible, but holding on to weak, thin ends, can do more harm than good to the overall health of your hair. If you are able to see straight through the ends of your hair, or they are split/damaged/brittle, you may want to consider a CLIP. (Please seek the advice of a licensed stylist for best results.)
  3. Your Summer Hair Style–Our last tip is for your Summer look. If you find that the area you live in won’t allow you to be great when styling your hair. Or you want a low maintenance option, while leaving some of your hair out to breathe a little; maybe you want to add a bit more fullness, or perhaps you want to add a little of the length back that you clipped off in tip #2 LOL, JACE Clip Ins are a perfect solution. Clip ins allow for styling versatility, natural blending, and the ability to quickly change up your day to day look.

We always want to be sure to offer the best to our customers. From our products, to sharing helpful tips…We are here for you!!! The JACE blog officially welcomes this Summer season, and further, we welcome you to visit our site, Jacebeauty.com, for all your extension needs. 🙂





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